GLOVES - Picking the Glove for the task ahead of you - Purpose/USE


I haven't found a ONE SIZE FITS ALL glove for my needs. I have, however, found one manufacturer, Outdoor Research. A company that has been in my closet in some form or fashion for the past 17 years. From Gaiters and the Seattle Sombrero to the plethora of Softshell Jackets that have appeared over the past half-decade. I have and will remain a loyal user of the brand and their many offerings. 

Use -Gunning/Shooting

Glove - Aerator Glove – 1.6 ounces - This fitted gloves utilizes Activeice material to keep your hands cool in the heat. Synthetic suede palms and vent holes keep your palms from clamming up and have saved me from countless burns from hot hand guards and barrels on a variety of rifles. These gloves allow me to maintain positive control in the Alabama heat, it doesn’t matter if its pistol shooting or skeet shooting…I know I have an added level of control when these gloves are matted to my hands. The sense tech works well on everything but plastic screen protectors on some smart devices. Added benefits include UPF protection and carabiner loops for storage.

Use – Rope Work

Glove – Air Brake – 3.5 ounces  - This synthetic backed glove keeps my hands cool and uses a rugged goat skin palm to manage belay or single ascent/decent. Gel pockets help manage/mitigate hot spots and Kevlar stitching is utilized in high abrasion areas. These gloves have been rock solid so far with my moderate use and sadly they won’t be offered by OR next year. Fit was somewhat off…as the pinky finger was longer than other gloves offered by OR. Added benefits are carabiner loops for storage.

Use – Base Layer/Warmth – 1.4 ounces – Touted as ORs lightest weight sense compatible liner, this glove maintains the same moisture management properties of its counter parts in a slim package that fits under tactical/work gloves. This is a great feature for users who can’t work in mittens and thick base layer gloves. The sense technology is somewhat touch and go, not to use a PUN, but plastic touch screen protectors cause issues/inconsistencies. A version of these gloves with dotted/matrix grip on the fingers and palms would make for a useful lightweight all purpose glove/liner.