OCP - Multicam Uniform Wear Items - Propper/TRU-SPEC

Period of Wear - 30+ WASH AND WEAR PER ITEM

Propper™ ACU Trouser - Battle Rip® - MultiCam -

Based off of the durability of their Uniform Style Pants, I will not Purchase from Propper. The fit was better than that of the Tru-Spec, which is why I paired the Propper pants with the NEW Style Tru-Spec top. However…the three pairs of Multicam Pants faded after the second wash(SECOND WASH, TWO WASHES) and have a poor appearance when paired with other MULTICAM/OCP uniform items that don’t fade after the SECOND wash. I would suggest the CRYE Field Pant paired with the NEW STYLE Tru-Spec Tops for anyone wearing MultiCams/OCPs as a daily uniform.  I remember buying these pants as advertised - “FADE RESISTANT” on Tactical Gears Website, which is omitted on the Propper website for these specific pants.  Final Thoughts…$220.00 worth of CRAP. I think the Phrase is "BAG OF ASS" or "DIRT BAG" when your uniform has the appearance that you get with the Propper ACU Trouser. 




Based off of the FIT of their Uniform Style Pants, I will not Purchase pants from Tru-Spec. It’s beneath a person in uniform to have the appearance of swimming in his or her uniform. These pants were built to Uniform specs, and due to the broad range of sizing (unlike my issue ABUs which are SIZED W/I) any wearer outside the max fitment of each size looks like a walking trash bag.  Their “NEW STYLE” OCP/MULTICAM Top…is a different story…being that I crammed myself into a Small/Long so that I wasn’t swallowed by it, this top has a professional uniform look and has not faded after a multitude of washes.

Final Thoughts…I would buy their uniform pants, but going down a size, I was happy with their NEW Style Top. - 50% success is better than a complete failure-