This Page is an attempt at a Comprehensive list of Training Locations, Shooting Ranges, Training Facilities, and Retailers in Alabama and surrounding states for Combatives, Martial Arts, Firearms Training, Fitness Training, and everything in-between.

Shooting Ranges-

Rockford Gun Club  - Private Gun Club

-Ask for Bobby Towers-

Rifle Ranges

Covered 1,000-yard rifle range with targets at 200, 900 & 1,000 yards. Bench and prone shooting available.

Covered 100-yard sight in range. Bench and prone shooting available.

Random, natural terrain range with unknown distance targets from 120 to 700+ yards with a variety of shooting positions and platforms.

Large shooting bay roughly 50X100 yards.

Five small pistol/carbine bays.

Pistol Ranges

Large shooting bay roughly 50X100 yards.

Five small pistol/carbine bays.


Central Alabama Gun Club – Private Gun Club

Facilities include 14 pistol bays, 100 & 300 yard rifle ranges, a falling plate pistol bay, an archery range and an air conditioned clubhouse with 4 restrooms

East Alabama Gun Club – Private Gun Club

17 Pistol Ranges (Covered and Shaded Firing Areas)

50 yard Small-bore Range/Training Bay/Pistol Bay (Covered Firing Areas)

2 separate 100 yard High-Power Rifle Ranges (Covered Firing Areas)

300 yard High-Power Rifle Range (Covered Firing Areas)

3D Archery Range

Steel Plate Pistol Bays (Plate racks, dueling trees)

Steel Targets on 300 yard Rifle Range

Props for Defensive Scenarios

Cowboy Town Shooting Facades

Portable Restrooms (cleaned weekly)


Walter Craig - The Sportsmans Headquarters

Ask for Chase Duffey - 334-396-5297

Awesome Customer service. One of the largest inventories of modern sporting rifles, hunting rifles, high end pistols, collector level rifles and pistols as well as shotguns.

Basic Gun Smithing - Installing Scopes, Rings, Bases, Iron Sites, Pistol Sites.

Reloading Seminars are now being offered on site as well.


Combatives and Martial Arts -

The Hot Box Training and Fitness-

Ask for Rob Richardson - 210-478-8728

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Gi and NoGi (Group Training and Private Lessons available)

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Strength and Conditioning

USAF Senior Combatives Instructor